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Welcome to the website of Antrick Films, specialists in audiovisual creation. We like to see this website as a ‘canvas’, on which Anthony Pepper, its founder, displays some of his best work.
A space where thoughts flow freely, without rules or limitations, and creativity flies unbound, playing at connecting ideas. And where Music shares leading role with Image. Face to face, between equals.

‘Antrick’s films’ are stories that explain, enhance and move your project forward as far as you want to go. With its ability to transmit emotions, video is one of the most powerful communication tools we have. A ‘messenger’ that excels in clarity and directness.
This adventure took its first steps in the autumn of 2010. A journey that began alone but was soon joined by other fellow travellers who pooled talents to contribute, influence and multiply individual abilities manyfold.
Without them, it wouldn’t have happened.

Now, several years later, we continue to walk toward where our imagination and energy take us. With the same excitement and commitment as when we began.
For us, the summits are infinite.


With perseverance and passion, these are some of the TV channels, institutions and companies we have had the privilege to work with: