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HONDA ARTBOX, the official Dirt Track and Flat Track team, prepares for a new season with lots of changes. Guillermo Cano and Adrián Garín, the brand’s official racers, will mount their Hondas and compete for the top places in the sports’ different championships.

Two racers backed by a powerful supporting team; experience complementing the audacity of youth. Riders who will give thrill-packed performances in each race, skidding their bikes on the red grit of the tracks as they jostle for positions. The quarter-mile circuit will be the best place to see Adrián Garín and Guillermo Cano give their best. Let the show begin!

Since we started in 2013 as Alonso Racing Team, we have specialised in practising Flat Track as a professional team. Today, we are one of Spain’s top teams, winning the FIM World Flat Track Cup in 2017, one year after becoming Honda’s official team.


Client: Honda Artbox  Direction: Anthony Pepper  Production: Antrick Films  Script: Anthony Pepper  Camera operator: Álvaro Fau  Post-production: Anthony Pepper  Colour grading: Antrick Films  Rider #179: Guillermo Cano  Rider #74: Adrian Garín  Locations: Honda Artbox Workshop, Rancho Canudas, Rocco’s Ranch  Acknowledgements: Jordi Canudas, Canudas Motor Test/Rancho Canudas, Rocco’s Ranch.

-Red is our colour and we will defend it to the finishing line.

GUILLEM ALONSO, Honda Artbox Team Manager.



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