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HONDA ARTBOX, the official Dirt Track and Flat Track team, prepares for a new season with lots of changes. Guillermo Cano and Adrián Garín, the brand's official racers, will mount their Hondas and compete for the top places in the sports' different championships. Two racers backed by a powerful supporting team; experience complementing the audacity [...]
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A spectacular video by Antrick Films. - MAVISA SPORT, Assistance for Rally Team Spain. 2RM Champions in Spain and Catalonia and Spanish Cup. Pep Bassas and Axel Coronado from Rally Team Spain are making the final preparations for the first race of the FIA 2020 European Rallies Championship. To run their tests, they chose the facilities [...]
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Dirt Track, or Flat Track as it is known in the United States, is a unique discipline. The idea is to put the bike into a controlled skid by constantly toggling between the rear brake and the accelerator. Allow the bike to angle ... But not too much! And using your foot as an outrigger [...]
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