" A unique festival to be enjoyed with all five senses. "


White Summer, a multidisciplinary festival that fuses art, fine cuisine and music like nothing else. Held on the grounds of an old golf club around a farmhouse whose origins date back to the 12th century.

The organisers define themselves as a pioneering brand in the development of living physical and virtual scenarios, that builds ties within the artistic community, promoting and supporting human talent and potential through freedom of speech, art, creative experience and mutual understanding.

Now in its 9th year, it is considered the festival that offers most variety in events, performances, and craft and fashion products. If you are spending the summer on the Costa Brava, take the opportunity to go and see it for yourself. Sensations and experiences to enrich your soul.

We hired Anthony (Antrick) to create a video that would bear witness to everything that went on during the festival. He connected with the public immediately, understood perfectly the values that drive White Summer and conveyed them excellently in the final production. He exceeded our expectations and traffic on our website increased after his video was posted.

The post-production was impeccable.

– Miryam Cuatrecasas, founder of White Summer.

Client: White Summer  Direction: Anthony Pepper  Production: Antrick Films  Camera operators: Anthony Pepper, Lluís Chamorro  Aerial shots: Markus Clark, Ronhely Texeira.

Post-production: Anthony Pepper  Colour grading and correction: Anthony Pepper, Coco Gabriel  Acknowledgements: Digital Dosis, Miryam Cuatrecasas.


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