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The Elefunks are a funk band that plays versions of genre classics adapted to the new millennium. Their catchy rhythms are guaranteed to get your body twitching. And watching them play is a joy to behold. Managing to perfection the difficult task of blending so many instruments on the stage, The Elefunks distil pure merriment. [...]
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Florida 135, a club with over a century of history. Florida 135 started its long career in 1880 with the typical Catalan name of "El Café Josepet". Since then, it has metamorphosed into different forms and different names. It was a theatre, a cabaret café and even a cinema, with seating for 1,500 people. But [...]
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Starting as a get-together organised for regular customers of the Florida 135 club, the festival was held for the first time in 1994. From then onwards and until 2014, it was held every year, except for 1995, becoming Spain's top rave party. In 2012, the company promoting the festival decided to broaden its appeal by [...]
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