" See if you can stand still on the dance floor (you won't). "


The Elefunks are a funk band that plays versions of genre classics adapted to the new millennium.

Their catchy rhythms are guaranteed to get your body twitching. And watching them play is a joy to behold. Managing to perfection the difficult task of blending so many instruments on the stage, The Elefunks distil pure merriment. If you want proof of just how well they do this, just take a look at these videos of some of their concerts.

Everything was filmed with just one camera, but artful editing (carefully synced with the music) makes it look as if several cameras were shooting the concert. Here’s an example of how skill and ingenuity can create unique pieces of video. Different parts are taken from the material filmed during an entire concert to build an original, attractive video in clip format.

We were very happy with Anthony’s great work and professionalism. But above all, we appreciated his willingness to take on board our concerns about the project, and his friendly approach and his generosity toward us. Working with him, we always had the sensation that we were in good hands and we were going to get a great product.

– Enrique Donaire, Drums player for The Elefunks.

Client: The Elefunks  Direction: Anthony Pepper  Production: Antrick Films  Post-production: Anthony Pepper  Colour grading: Antrick Films  Music: The Elefunks – Pain the toon, The Elefunks – Bus Stop  Concerts: Sala Bikini Barcelona, Sala La Fontana, Gràcia District – Barcelona  Vocalist: Amperio  Percussion: Pedrito Cruz  Drums: Rico Donaire  Bass: Martadeuk  Tenor sax: Pratts  Alto sax: Beth Guitar: M. Chillida  Keyboards: Dr. Berto  Acknowledgements: Marc Forn, Manuel Chillida, Enrique Donaire.


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