" Monegros DesART Festival, Art in the middle of nowhere. "


Starting as a get-together organised for regular customers of the Florida 135 club, the festival was held for the first time in 1994. From then onwards and until 2014, it was held every year, except for 1995, becoming Spain’s top rave party.

In 2012, the company promoting the festival decided to broaden its appeal by adding artistic performances on a grand scale. Some of the star performances were given by leading Spanish experimental theatre companies, such as Comediants or La Fura dels Baus. The latter company is famous for the spectacular show it gave at the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games opening ceremony.

The Monegros DesART Festival was a success. The round-the-clock performances by the different theatrical companies in the midst of the desert amazed and delighted everyone who was there. The music and the atmosphere, combined with the different performances on and off-stage, created a truly unique experience.

We believe that the festival clearly benefitted from these performances. In this type of event, where people mainly come only to listen to music, we were very keen to broaden their vision with stage elements and shows.

– PERE TATIÑÁ, Director of La Fura dels Baus.

A live spectacle that went far beyond dance floors and DJ booths. After the success of the first DesART, the formula would be repeated the following year.

Some monumental theatre companies like La Fura dels Baus would come back, performing at the second DesART together with new companies, such as The Close-Act from North Europe, further internationalising this very special part of the festival.

Client: Monegros Desert Festival. Direction: Anthony Pepper. Co-production: Antrick Films, Coco Visual Team. Camera operators: Sebas Bruno, Anthony Pepper, Raúl Labrador Aerial shots: Aereoshots Additional footage Monegros Desert Festival: Xavi Trilla, David Cantón Post-production: Anthony Pepper Colour grading and correction: Sebas Bruno Acknowledgements: Arnau Family, La Fura dels Baus, S’arruga, La Gralla Company, Carros de Foc.


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